Transform to Your Best Self with Pro Cutting and Bulking Up tips

‘Bulking up’ or ‘cutting’ are two body building essentials which only escalating bodybuilders will understand to the core. While both the words might seem simple to you, the truth is, they are not.
While bulking up is usually understood as gaining fat and muscle through a specific diet and cutting termed as reducing fat and muscle for a slimmer physique, both the words thrive in the body building world by going hand in hand. Either the body builder is bulking up or cutting back. Both have their phases.

To understand the concepts better to know what your aims are exactly, take a look below and gather the tips from the pros and start your body building journey today effortlessly.

What is ‘Cutting’?

Cutting simply means cutting back on diet to basically shed weight, fat layers and enhance the leaner shape of muscles. Cutting is a fancy term for losing weight!
Are you thinking why men need to cut in order to build their bodies? Well, if you think you can let your muscles shape up without breaking those fat layers, you are wrong. If you are struck by obesity and desire to enter the body building world, your first goal would be to cut!

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What is ‘Bulking’?
As opposed to cutting, bulking simply refers to building bigger muscles by indulging in larger portions of healthy foods in order to gain weight. Fat included. Once the ideal amount of weight is gained, one can buff up supremely without worrying about the thin physique.
Whereas one can bulk up in a healthy manner, there is also a ‘dirty’ way of bulking up which means you can eat as much as you can and whatever is served to you is perfect because the idea is to gain weight!

Now that you have understood the difference between both, let us move onto the detailed versions of them.

Bulking Explained with Pro Tips!

While bulking might sound simple, in truth, it is not. Bulking definitely means you need to gain weight but it also means that you need to gain muscle mass by minimizing the fat gain. The bulking phase won’t do you any good if you gain fat layers as you will have to switch back to the cutting phase because of it!

Dirty bulking will allow you to eat everything and anything, that too, in large portions. However as for clean bulking, pro body builders suggest eating healthy foods which include protein, carbs, vitamins, dairy products, etc.

Pro Bulking Tips:

  • Do not eat fast food, processed food or junk food
  • Eat up to 6 small meals a day
  • Monitor your calorie intake on daily basis
  • Do not ditch cardio completely. Instead, limit it to half time as before.
  • Balance your meals with protein intake, carbs and good fats.
  • Do not overeat and do not cheat.
  • Monitor your weight gain each week to know about the progress.

Ideal Exercises for Bulking Up

While eating aids to bulking up, so do different exercises. See below:

  • Bench Press
  • Pushups
  • Inclined press using dumbbells
  • Overhead weight press
  • Pull ups
  • Bicep curls and hammer curls
  • Lunge dumbbells
  • Crossovers using cables
  • Squats using dumbbells

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Cutting Explained: Pro Style!

Cutting is the process where you decide to lose fat without losing too much muscle mass. If you lose too much muscle, you will have to resort to bulking up. Get the drift?
Cutting is best for those people who are overweight according to their BMI and need to get into shape. Moreover, those people who have more fat and less muscle mass.
Cutting is simple. By simply monitoring and controlling meal portions, one can cut back on calorie intake and eventually lose weight desirably.
However, exercise plays an important role. Cardio is the key to losing fat.

Pro Cutting Tips:

  • Monitor your meal portions and cut back on half for later.
  • Eat small meals every 2 hours of the day until dinner.
  • Eat leafy green veggies and fruits for added antioxidant properties and higher energy levels.
  • Add good fats to the diet by indulging in salmon, nuts, legumes, etc.
  • Do not ditch protein intake, instead limit its portions.
  • Do not cheat and stick to a plan.
  • Cardio workout duration and frequency should be boosted.
  • Cutting back on carbs is the best way (ditch oats, wheat, flour, rice, potatoes, etc)

Ideal Exercises for Cutting

Cutting back can be achieved through a nutritional controlled diet but exercises play a vital role too.

  • Cardio Machine exercise: Treadmill run on incline
  • Compound Exercises such as barbell squats
  • Planks and push ups
  • Crunches
  • Skipping rope

So what’s it going to be? Cutting or Bulking up?

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