Niacin Benefits – Vitamin b3 benefits for Skin


niacin benefits for skin

Before you can benefit from any kind of supplement, it has to go through your entire digestive system, and only after the process will that supplement enter your blood stream and will be absorbed by your cells.

Other supplements can take between two to four hours before being absorbed by your cells, while NiacinMax avoids the alimentary canal and is delivered directly to the cells. It is a thin strip that dissolves on your tongue through your mucosal tissues and reaches your cells directly.

As a result, more nutrients reach your cells within a few minutes, and there are no major side effects such as stomachache, etc.

Nutrients are very sensitive and can be destroyed not only by the enzymes and acids in the digestive system but also by oxygen in the air.

Therefore, the outer covering of NiacinMax is made of small double layers of liposome bubbles that protect the niacin inside, ensuring that maximum amount is delivered to your cells and almost none of it is lost, even while placing the strip on your tongue.

This also means that NiacinMax delivers a high amount of nutrients in a much smaller dose, making it more efficient and cost effective.

Benefits of Using

In the highly competitive world of sports, a fraction of a second, a single move, or a better physique can make a person a winner or a loser. Therefore, being in a perfect physical as well as the mental condition is very important. If you are not performing at your best, you are not worthy of a medal.

Oxygen, which is responsible for supplying 90% of the energy, is the key to better performance. That is where NiacinMax comes in. It increases the rate of oxygen circulation in the body by enhancing the blood flow, increasing the red blood cell count, and by protecting the cells from oxidative damage.

It widens your blood vessels so that more oxygen flows through in each cycle. It also increases the production of the hormone that is responsible for producing red blood cells, thereby increasing the amount of oxygen carried.

This also increases the flow of oxygen to the brain, resulting in better focus and higher concentration. This combination of mind and muscles leads to maximum output.

That is not all that NiacinMax does. With so much wear and tear on the muscles, the body also needs fast healing to keep up with to constantly perform at its maximum.

NiacinMax also boosts the growth hormones which enables quick healing of the muscles. This enables your body to provide consistent performance. This combination of boosting and healing leads not only to maximum but also consistent output.

NiacinMax Flush

Niacin Benefits

About 4-6 minutes after taking NiacinMax, there is tingling feel in the head and the neck, the body starts to get a little red, and the feeling can also be felt in the chest, arms and hands.

This is called the ‘Niacin Flush’. It lasts for about 10 minutes and is completely harmless. The intensity of the flush decreases with every successive dose of NiacinMax as the body develops a tolerance to the flush.

The flush is not a bad thing, in fact, it is an indicator that the niacin is actually working. As the niacin causes the blood vessels to expand in order to increase the supply of oxygen, nutrients, hormones, and the removal of waste, it is the expanding of the blood vessels the causes the flush.

NiacinMax can expand even the smallest of blood vessels known as the capillaries. Some people can also feel itchy after using NiacinMax. This is due to the production of histamine by the body, due to the increased flow of toxins from the cells. This is also completely harmless and temporary too.

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Each NiacinMax strip contains 75 milligrams of niacin. It is to be placed under the tongue first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach.  It is because the growth hormone is released in a higher quantity when there are little fatty acids, and the fatty acids are at their lowest on an empty stomach.

NiacinMax should also be taken 3-5 hours before exercise. This is because the growth hormone takes a while to reach its maximum level. Therefore, it is necessary to maximize the output. A second dose can also be taken 3-4 hours before going to bed if a higher output is required.

The body undergoes a huge repairing process while we are asleep. This process, combined with the quick healing and growth effects of NiacinMax, can lead to a huge improvement in performance and healthier, happy, and refreshed mornings.

NiacinMax can also be taken on non-training days, but it will not give as much effect as it provides on training days.

Final Words

NiacinMax Review

NiacinMax does not contain any banned substance and is completely legal. One strip of NiacinMax is equal to 45 pills of any other supplement, which makes it incredibly efficient as well as effective. It is by far, the greatest niacin product.

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