The Ideal upper body workouts for men explained

Just decided to buff up for the upcoming summer party? Don’t know where to start from? Worry no more as this year it is all about the bro-ship!
If you don’t have time or the money to hire a trainer, fret not as we bring you the most exciting and most effective upper body workouts and exercises straight from the buffed up bros.
The idea is to start right. If your exercise routine begins towards the right direction, you will never go wrong later in the future. However, if you start haphazardly, the consequences can be numerous.

Don’t just sit back and relax as time is short and we will give you all the motivation you need to buff up. It’s like, you will by no means grow if you do not know! So let’s begin.

Workout 1: Buffing the Abs

It’s all in the abs when summers are concerned. No one likes seeing a flat flabby chest on the beach and most of all, why should YOU have one? Welcome the summers with a bang by indulging in the most effective abs workout 5 days a week and witness amazing results each day. Let’s get started.

  • Warm Up

Warming up is necessary. Find a skipping rope and skip for 60 seconds. Switch to high knees for 60 seconds. Then do mountain climbers for another 60 or for as long as you can take it and take a 15 seconds break. Get into plank position for as long as you can. Jump as if you are touching the ceiling every time and voila! Your heart should be racing by the time you are done with the warm up.

  • Spider Man Side Plank Crunches

Planks are the only exercise where you work with your entire body. Hence start by getting into a regular plank position with your back stretched straight and palms resting on the ground.
Simply bring your left leg towards your elbows as if climbing a wall. Go back to the basic pose and repeat for the other leg. Do up to 15 reps initially and increase the number as you grow used to it.

  • Crunching Crossway

This exercise focuses on your lower abs.
Simply lie down on the floor and form an X with the help of your arms and legs. Take your left leg off of the floor (mid air) and by working your upper body, reach out to that leg with the help of your alternate hand (right hand). Repeat for the other side. With pressure targeting the lower abs, you will have a 6 pack real soon!

  • Bicycle Crunching

This exercise targets your overall abs.
Lie down on the floor. Place both hands behind the head. Bring your legs mid air and pretend to pedal a bicycle. With each alternate leg being closer to your upper body, bring your opposite elbow closer towards that knee. Repeat for the other side and do up to 30 reps.

Workout 2: Isolation Exercises for Arms

Isolation exercises help focus on one set of muscles. As far as arms are concerned, take a look below.

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  • Pull ups

Pull ups are best for your arms and abs both. Grab a pull up bar and hold it slightly wider than shoulder width. Pull your body upwards by working your arms by raising your legs above the ground and bend the knees behind. Come back to the resting position and repeat. Do up to 10 initially and go up till 50 in the weeks to follow.

  • Feet Raised Push ups

While pushups are great for strengthening the core, tightening the abs and also shaping the arms, they are mostly preferred for the overall upper body.
Get into a plank position with your feet resting on an elevated surface (a stool, chair or a 2 feet high surface). The incline will help you work on your core in a more focused manner. Go for standard pushups by pushing your body downwards with the help of your upper body. Do not bend the knees or the back.

  • Overhead Press

Stand straight with feet shoulder width apart. Choose the weight of the bar you can handle and hold the bar slightly wider than shoulder width. Now pick it up from the rack and rest it at shoulder height while keeping your forearms vertical.
Now raise the bar above the head and shrug your head forward. Bring the bar to the shoulder height again and repeat. Do 10 reps and 3 sets.

  • Bent over Row

Stand straight with knees slightly bent. best legal steroid Bend your torso forward up to 40 degrees and squeeze the shoulder inwards. Choose your dumbbells and pick them up in an overhand position till you touch your torso. Take the dumbbells to the resting position and repeat. (15 reps, 3 sets)
Build your upper body easily with these pro tips!