10 Super Trends for Weight Loss from around the World!

What is weight loss? While it might seem simple and self explanatory, on the contrary it is entirely relative to every person himself/herself. Although some might feel weighing 50kgs is ideal, others might regard it as anorexic. However much confusion, the underlining fact is that you want to get slim!

Women from all over the world indulge in different activities for weight loss and choose unique ways to tackle their problems. Whereas some workout twice a day for the ideal figure, others choose dietary supplements such as Phen24. If you want to know all the super trendy ways of weight loss from around the globe, check out the list below and choose your favorite tricks!

Thailand: Spice Works!

Thai food is known for its sour taste and spiciness! The women from Thailand encourage you to eat spicy foods which has hot peppers, green chilies and red chilies. The secret is that spicy food improves the metabolism and helps you eat less too!
Another Thai weight loss trick is to eat slow. While a lot of people from America, India or any other country eat fast, Thai women definitely chew more and eat less. The awesome fact is that when you eat fast, you tend to overeat before you receive the signal from the body that you are full. Hence, eat slowly!

Brazil: Side Servings are Must

Rio is definitely famous for amazing carnivals and all the party time! However, dancing is not the only way to lose weight when it comes to Brazil. One of their well known dishes has a dish which serves rice and beans on the side! A research on obesity revealed that people who ate rice and beans faced lesser risks of gaining weight by almost 14%. The reason is that the meal is lowest in fat while being enriched with fiber.

Poland: Enjoy Homemade Food

The underlining feature of Polish women in staying fit is, that they don’t dine out as often as Americans. Actually, they only spend approximately 5% of their total income on dining out! While they enjoy homemade, healthy meals, they tend to lose weight by staying away from fatty foods, processed foods and junk food items.  Save money and lose weight effortlessly!

Germany: Breakfast is the Key!

Wana know what German women perceive to be the healthiest way to stay fit? Breakfast! You read it right. Breakfast is believed to be the key to ultimate sources of energy throughout the day while aiding in an improved metabolism. Instead of having a heavy breakfast of eggs, extra bacon and whatnot, have whole grain cereals with added fruits and see the difference!

Netherlands: Exercise!

Guess what? Dutch people opt for two wheelers instead of four wheelers for daily activities. On the whole, Dutch people bike around 541 miles per year. Not only does this aid in a fitter and healthier body but also helps create a safe, unpolluted environment. If you cannot pedal as much as they do, simply switch to walking!

Russia: Organic Food

What Russians do is the best. Instead of buying vegetables and fruits from the market, they grow their own in their gardens and backyards. An anonymous person once said, You can’t grow a lot of food yourself which can make you fat! While this statement is true to the core, why not grow your own tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, potatoes and everything else that comes to your mind. After all, it will be organic!

Malaysia: Turmeric!

Malaysians eat foods which is turmeric enriched and rightly so. Turmeric has an ingredient, curcumin, which is ideal for weight loss. Different researches found out that turmeric has the ability to curb fat tissue growth while fighting weight gain to a great level. What’s the harm in adding turmeric to our meals every now and then?

Hungary: Fancy a Pickle?

Hungarians are known to eat pickles all year round which includes cucumbers, peppers, mangoes, etc. Pickles help them stay slim and beautiful mainly because of vinegar in the pickled bottles. Vinegar has acetic acid which is perfect for low blood pressure, perfect sugar level as well as for the decrease in fat storage.

Norway: Family Outings

Norwegians are known for their high spirits of spending their weekends outdoors. From the youngest child to the eldest, everyone takes hiking trips, picnic trips and what not. If you want to stay fit too, take out time off from your TV, computer games and movies. Merely enjoy weekends out in the nature and see the difference.

Mexico: Meal at the right Time

Mexican people not only eat spicy food, which is perfect for weight control but they also eat their biggest meal between 2-4pm. This helps them stay full throughout the day while they eat less at dinner. Eating less at dinner is ideal as the body needs to rest well while asleep.

More Weight Loss Tricks

Hope you enjoyed the perfect weight reduction tips from around the world. If these haven’t satisfied your needs yet, checkout some more weight loss tips given below.

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Green Tea
Green tea is ideal for weight loss. If you drink up to 5 cups of green tea a day, you are ought to lose a few pounds effortlessly even if you eat unhealthy treats.

Dietary Supplements
Dietary supplements are an added advantage for you! If you are a busy person who lacks exercise or diets, simply switch to supplements. One result oriented supplement is Phen24 which works on your body from multiple angles, giving you an ideal figure within months!

Lemon aids in weight loss. Drink a glass of warm water with a few drops of lemon in it first thing in the morning. This will help your metabolism to boost and aid in a quick weight loss.

Jumping every now and then will help your overall body to tone up. If you don’t have time to work out, simply jump!

All of these weight loss secrets and tricks are perfect. Add Phen24 supplements in your daily routines, jump around and add spice to your food! Witness the results yourself.

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